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All the news is hype accept presentation. That is war. To get a life for a life is against the law. To claim adultry on the president of the United States of America who has a lovely wife is a big phat joke to get on tv to prove you do drugs to someone else for 25 thousand dollars. That' against the law. To keep the money and pay taxes on it is not against the law and screws up real friendship with people your trying to meet for 25 thousand dollars. Someone always pays for it that is against the law. Statement by "ROSS" ORIHINAL CAPTAIN OF METROPOLITAN POLICE RAMPART COMMUNITY SERVICES AND JUSTICE CENTER OF LOS ANGELES LAPD...
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I am al Thomas son
Oh my god I'm still alive cause I obey the law
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Hey it's clayton
Hello don it's your brother that hilda left chick at children's hospital you get your 9 back. Lucky number. So what are you doing I hear you and barracks Obama fighting all the time. Get your Reynolds rap back from him yet weirdo. 45th president. Hey I remember we had Tostitos when you were 45 and my president. I'm hiding in 1819 Beverly Way las Vegas nevada 89104. Give me a grant. Joeseph Lombardo is working on motel osh thing with Diablo. I understand them. Alegera something like that passed my medicare.for anything. See ya
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