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Gop Hack Cheri Jacobus Calls Trump Campaign A Racist And Facist Movement!
Well Well,

After reading this I went to my twitter account and checked out some things.

Do you know this is a coordinated attack? A friend sent me a graphic with this gal Jacobus


Why are these people willing to let us go down the tubes just to keep there hold on power and money?

Don't they care? It's really disturbing. But I really do think there are a lot more people who believe in American Exceptionalism and what Donald Trump is saying.

That's probably what scares them.
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Posting In Our Forums Is The Easiest Way To Promote Trump & Invite Friends
Hi Mary Here,

As one of the moderators Zac asked me to post some comments why posting in the forums is so important and actually helps Donald Trump and can actually result in you inviting many more people to join us at My Trump Club.

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Obama Having A Bad Day

I love this picture of Obama. Can't wait until he leaves Washington for good!

Won't surprise me if he moved to a Muslim country!
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Ben Carson Believes Joseph Of The Bible Built The Paramids To Store Grain Video
The more we learn about him the more doubts I have about him.

He might be a great surgeon, but he might be a bit crazy too.

You know those real smart people sometimes have quirks....

Plus his religious beliefs seem to be far from mainstream.

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Women For Donald Trump Discussion And Support Group
Hi I'm Mary Dingleberry,

I'm starting this group Women For Donald Trump were we women can discuss issues related to women Donald is going to address for us.

As well as share our thoughts on anything affecting women in today's society.

I'm also going to share posts of high profile women who are endorsing Donald Trump.

Hope you all will join me in Supporting Donald Trump!

Here's Ivanka Trump Supporting her Dad. What a great young lady.

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Introduce Yourself Here

I'm Mary Dingle.

Glad to be part of this movement to get Donald Trump running this country like it should be.

Anyone wanting to know more about me, just check my profile page or message me.

I've got a lot of opinions, believe me. You'll see.

Not my first rodeo at forums. So glad I found this one and MyTrumpClub.

Look forward to meeting everyone.

MD [cool]
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