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Gop Hack Cheri Jacobus Calls Trump Campaign A Racist And Facist Movement!

This gal is off her rocker. LOL I've seen some nutcases, but that's ridiculous.

I went to her twitter page and she's obsessed with bashing Trump! And this is supposed to be a republican? What's she going to do support Hillary when Mr. Trump wins the GOP nomination?

I just don't get these people. Here's what I saw on here twitter page. She is likely on an ego trip too, since she acts like its a compliment that you posted this "hit" piece on her. LOL Needs some attention evidently:

What scares me about people like her is how far will they go to keep their power and control on the republican party?

And what's up with her friend and republican pundit Rick Wilson? He seems like a real creep. Where do these people come from and why are they paid by our political leaders?

It's really scary to see people like this try to manipulate us and make us believe their lies.

Thanks Zac for exposing them. I'll share on twitter facebook and instagram for sure.
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Barrack Husiene Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline Project
Here are some of the myths about the Keystone Pipeline.

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I Heard Hillary Wears A Wig Have You?
Hey everyone,

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh earlier today and when he was talking about how the main stream media in general and the moderators at republican debates, (cnbc mostly) had an agenda against the gop candidates.

He said something that shocked me.

I'll have to paraphrase:

"Well you know that these liberal moderators would never ask Hillary if that's a NEW Wig she's wearing tonight."

:end of RUSH quote:

I was like, whoa, Hillary must really wear a wig!

Obviously it's not a big deal. But what is, is the way the media plays favorites, right?

(notice the is, is? Bill Clinton's favorite) [smile]

Which was Rush's point. Moderators obvious agenda against Trump.  Asking Donald Trump if his campaign was a clown act are you serious.

Me thinks, Rush is liking him some Trump this election cycle.

What you all think?
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Welcome To My Trump Club Forum!
Thanks Zac,

Just getting used to things here, but love it already.

Look forward to all we can accomplish here.

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Introduce Yourself Here

I'm Jewel Lee and I'm glad to be here. Hope to make plenty of friends and also learn how I can help Donald Trump become the next POTUS!

I really love this site. What a great idea!

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