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admirable Trump
He's only getting started Angelo. Next year is going to be quiet a ride, after tax reform then infrastructure not to mention making the FBI, NSA & DOJ in general non partisan, and effective in bringing the deep state to justice, WOW what a year it's going to be!
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Introduce Yourself Here
Welcome all!
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Donald Trump Polls Tightening W/O TrumpFactor Calculation :)
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Introduce Yourself Here
Welcome to the TrumpTrain Richard!

Ohio is going to be very important. Wish your governor would come around. [smile]
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Are Polls Showing Trump Losing To Hillary Accurate?
Just a little more for you to see the contrast between Trump's rallies and the pathetic crowds Crooked Hillary is getting.


I rest my case!
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Are Polls Showing Trump Losing To Hillary Accurate?

Serious Reasons To Doubt Polls Showing Trump Losing

   Many things simply do not add up when looking at the current polls showing Donald Trump losing to Hillary by as much as double digits in some key battle ground states.

First ask yourself, if Hillary is winning by so much, why is it she can barely fill a high school gym half way full, (mostly media) when Trump's rallies continue to burst at the seams with thousands typically unable to get into packed stadiums holding 10s of 1000s.

trumpcrowds.jpg trumpcrowds.jpg 

Next, why is it Donald overwhelmingly wins online polls, as well as polls using new popular apps, whose results are live and can't be manipulated?

Then think about how the main stream media skews the coverage of the election in favor of Crooked Hillary to such an extent that they can't and frankly don't even try to hide their partisan slant. Is it any wonder polls by these very news organizations could be suspect?

Since Trump poses such a threat to the strangle hold establishment types on both sides of the ailes have on power in D.C., it is no wonder Donald gets nearly as much condemnation from the never trump crowd as he does the pro hillary one world government crowd.

These peoples very livelihoods are at stake, all the way down to political media and polling pundits who get their money and power from, you guessed it the establishment political class and their donors.

Trump is upsetting their apple cart and they are not going down without a fight. But the funny thing is, is these people have cause the very reason Donald Trump is so popular to begin with. They've been in power forever and more and more in recent years have simple been lining their pockets and futures without getting a damn thing done they always promise to do when running for office.

That's what's really going on here folks. This election may just be the most important one in the life of everyone who is living today. I really mean that, or at least the next couple of generations.

So, with so much at stake, and those who are in power now, is it any wonder they will manipulate the polls to their advantage? You know it is as simple as how they ask their questions, who they target, who they reject, and yes of course just out right dishonesty.

If Crooked Hillary were even once in a while packing a few thousand at some of her rallies, and Trump's rallies were moderating a bit, I could be persuaded to thinking the polls may have some validity.


But come on, 20,000 on average to Trump's rallies vs. a couple hundred to having to cancel many rallies due to lack of interest for Hillary? Just doesn't add up folks. I smell a rat, and yes of course it includes the establishment, their donors, and of course the liberal main stream media.

Let me know what you all think, and as always be sure to share on twitter and facebook so we get more feedback on this one.

Capt. Zac

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Orlando Florida Terrorist Attack Or Hate Crime?

Orlando Was Terrorism Not A Hate Crime Proof

First of all let's up aside the fact that talking about this in a political sense is opportunism. Plain and simple anything of this magnitude is going to have ramifications nation wide as well as politically, particularly in an election season.

Second, of course our hearts go out to the victim's families, as well as those who are fighting for their lives in Orlando hospitals as I'm writing this article.

OK, let's get down to what really happened here. Isis already came out and took credit for this attack, which is unusual in and of itself. They usually are a bit more incognito sense they may have other operatives working in the area etc.

Which makes me believe this wasn't coordinated, but rather an operative who was taking broad directives from the Isis radicalization network which has stepped up it's propaganda lately during their current "cultist" ramadan season.

Trump Is Right These Pigs Need To Be Exterminated Off The Face Of The Earth!

What is so sad is Obama as well as Hillary are so far up the Islamic Terrorist's asses that they can't even give a coherent reply to their terrorist attacks anymore without revealing just how biased they are.

In Obama's case it's because he's a not just a muslim sympathizer but in reality an islamic believer down to his core. Who else would utter the words the prayer of islam is the most beautiful sound in the world? Come on folks the guys a muslim!

In Hillary's case it's a bit more complicated. She's not only beholden to Obama, since he hold's the keys to keeping her out of jail. But so do all the islamic states which have given her and not so slick anymore Bill.

Dare she say too much against radical islamic terrorism she'd be exposed for the criminal treasonist bi#ch we all know she really is.

I've got much more on this Orlando Terrorist Attack to share with you all, but I'll let some of you respond and comment after you do.

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Trump Tarts !

Or should I say yummmm....

I love it, could you send me some?

LOL I've got some distribution channels, so get a hold of me.

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Breaking: Donald Trump Hired Impersonators As His Spokes People!

Donald Trump Actually Hired People To Impersonate Him
To Fool The Media!

This just goes to show you how far ahead of the media Donald Trump is. Instead of what the media is trying to portray that he was actually his own spokesperson, ie John Miller, new leaks from insiders confirm many of Trump's spokes people over the years have in fact been people coached to impersonate the Donald themselves!

This just goes to show you how complex the thinking is with his public relations dept. which of course his always dictated by Trump himself. You see, this is how it works. The media interviews a representative from the Trump organization for whatever issue current to celebrity news etc. They are teased by the fact that the representative actually sounds much like Donald himself.

On occasion when Trump wants the response to be spot on, he can actually conduct the interview himself, and the media doesn't know the difference. Call it double reverse psychology if you like, but the end result is it gives Trump the advantage on the media on so many levels.

Of course He's not going to reveal this officially, it would end his edge on the media which he has been playing like a Stradivarius not only in this election cycle, but in fact for decades.

Proof of this is the fact that Donald under oath had to admit that he himself "at times" acted as John Barron a fictitious spokesperson. But here's the key, He also admitted UNDER OATH, that others on his staff also impersonated the same fictitious character!

Now that the CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and the rest of the liberal Main Stream Media are all out to destroy Donald Trump before he wins in Nov, look for more and more of these types of lame attempts to turn the American People against the best candidate we've had in decades to actually get our country back on track, and bring the middle class out of the deluge of dismal economic quagmires if not spirals we're facing.

I've got more info on this breaking news to share in the next few days so be sure to check back here for the latest updates.

See ya soon,

P.S. Be sure to click the twitter and facebook shares to the left. [wink]

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Is Donald Trump The Real Deal Or The AntiChrist?

So What Is The Real Deal With Donald Trump All About?


Hey Americans,


Zac here, the "Paul Harvey" of internet marketing, wondering what you all think about the current phenomenon which of course is Donald Trump.


What we are looking at here is something of historic proportions, a political event that may very well change the economic landscape for not just decades, but generations to come!


First let me just say, I don't care which side you're on here, Dem, Rep, Ind, Lib, etc etc, the point is, how do you think this election is going to impact our lives, businesses, our country, the world, and our children's future, Right?

Obviously the last 7 1/2 yrs of Osama Ben Obama or what ever his real name is hasn't been productive. Sorry for the satire, but come on... Obama is not a Christian folks. He's a blatant Muslim in the closet, right?

I mean, there's nothing wrong with just sayin' "Hey America, I'm actually a Muslim but I didn't think you would elect me If I told you that out of the gate", right?

Here's Where It Gets Tricky


What's going on in Europe and the Middle East in respect to Radical Islamic Muslims is not just disturbing, it's not borderline epic but might actually be apocalyptic if current events continue.


So, you've got to ask yourself a very important question. Do think continuance of the current diplomatic agenda pursued by the Obama administration with former SOS @HillaryClinton or John Kerry is going to help midigate the threat of #Radical Islamic Terrorism? Make's it pretty hard to think so when they've actually been part of the problem we're in now as a nation, and globally.


Now, Enter Donald Trump.


Put aside your preconceived notions of how brash he is, or how far he pushes the politically correct narrative button, calling a crook a crook, etc etc. (I was tempted to say spade a spade, but thought you'alled think I was insensitive.. LOL)


So what Donald Trump has brought to the table is some common sense, right? Why do you think he's so accepted by the general public? Uh... McFly.... think!....it's because he's saying what we've all been thinking for years, if not decades!

Excuse my language, but he's not going to be a pussy like Obama and most of Washington has been for the last 7+ years.


Trump is going to change the game, no doubt about It


What scares liberals is they know he is actually going to undo all the BS they've propagated on the public through the main stream media, which has been their willing accomplice.


This is transparently evident to the general public which by and large isn't liberal, but more common sense in a general and flexible way. We get it out here across the country. Insiders in Washington, and in the Elite Press are struggling to come to grip with the reality that Donald Trump represents what the American People know needs done and know who they want to acheive imminent goals imperative to maintain our country and world as we know it.


Thoughts? I'm open, this conversation is far from over. But as I like to reiterate, Donald Trump is closing the deal, & this time he's doing it for America!


Capt. Zac

Capt Zac

Capt Zac Twitter

Capt Zac's Trump Club

Capt Zac's Trump Linkedin Group

Capt Zac's Trump Facebook Page

P.S. If YOU Give A Sh!t About The USA click the Social Share to the left NOW!

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Ted Cruz
Quote: He should get the declaratory judgement from the courts just like Trump suggested, which Ted Cruz is lucky for might I add. I think he is full of himself and lies big time. It is obviously a problem for him or else he would just settle it in a simple court proceeding and nobody would be able to file a suit. He's a real gem, not.

Here here,

Ted Cruz reminds me of a Televangelist who is also a Lawyer.

Say anything they think their audience will believe.

I say he is fading in the polls soon. It's obvious he's not-TrusTED

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A Great Trump Video Made By Some Real Pros
Here's another one for your viewing pleasure.

This one posts here, sorry the other one redirects to youtube.

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A Great Trump Video Made By Some Real Pros
Check this Trump video Mary Johnson shared with me at my Trump Linkedin Group

Pretty cool huh?
Be sure to share using your favorite social links to the left. [smile]
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Welcome Roni,

Glad you found us. We're just getting going here as I built this site and forum recently to help inform Trump supporters how to help, as well as get the work out to those who are interested in Trump and want to learn more.

Please feel free to share your thoughts as the campaign continues.

BTW, after the election we will still need to voice our opinion online to help Trump fight
the MSM and politicians stuck in Washington Cartel.
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Long Island Blue collar Builders
I just tweeted your comments to @realdonaldtrump with hashtags #Trump #Gopdebate & #SCprimary hopefully it will get retweeted enough for someone in his campaign to see it. I've got some other contacts I'll get this to. Message me with contact info if you like...

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