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Why Polls Are Not Consistant

It has been said that polls are not shared by the media to reflect public opinion, but rather to influence public opinion.

Well, if you have been watching the main stream media gloating over any poll they can find that doesn't have Donald Trump ahead or even slipping just a bit, then you understand the media wants to use polls to further their agenda.

What's even more interesting is the fact that they will site polls that show their narrative and ignore other polls which support the opposite.

Here is the dirty little secret folks. The pollsters use tactics to manipulate the results in the direction they want.

For instance, if they know Trump is doing great with the 20 to 45 year old demographic and running about even with senior citizens who tend to stay undecided until later when they see who has staying power etc. Then these sleeze balls will use only polls conducted by land line phone calls!

Yeah! How many people in the 20 to 45 year old group even use a land line phone? Percentages is where it's at with these pollsters. They know less than 50% of the younger group even have a land line or answer it if they even have one.

There are other more insidious tactics, but I don't want to write a novel here.

Anyone else heard of this?


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