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President Elect Trump's Cabinet Picks & Hopefuls

I personally like President Trump's picks so far for several reasons. (and yes I'm calling him President now, get used to it. [smile]

First his CoS, AG, NSA, CIA & DOE picks are all extremely qualified as well as conservative. His UN Ambassador is also brilliant in that it puts a conservative in the position, as well as sends out an olive branch in so many directions.

Of course rumors are Ben Carson will soon announce accepting director of HUD, if he hasn't before I can finish this post. But what everyone is waiting for with baited breath is SOS, ie will it be Guilliani or Romney.

Personally I favor Rudy, but if Mittons gets the call even though all hell will break loose, it could be a brilliant move on our President's part. Think about it, Mitt would have to fully apologize, as well as fall in line with his agenda. Second he would be unable to rally any opposition in the future to our Potus's positions.

Which ever, it is all going to be very interesting. What are your thoughts, and who would you like to become part of the new administration?


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