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Chris Coonan
I am a managing Director of an Architecture firm in Orange County, CA.  Currently I am working on a large 160 acre mixed use project as a redevelopment of a former airbase.  The airbase is home to two of the world's largest wooden structures, Blimp Hangers left over from WW2.  Housed in one of the Hangers is a dynamic company named AerosCraft.  This company is developing an Airship which could be the economic answer to many transportation modes in the future.  They are currently building a 1000 foot long Airship which is capable of transporting thousands of people in luxury accommodation, hauling huge amounts of cargo to replace ships and trains, speed which could rival high speed rail, and troop transport to revolutionize the way the military moves soldiers and tanks to the battlefield.

This is the type of innovation and technology which is the next Ten Trillion Dollar Idea, and one that will save the USA money in building infrastructure on the ground.  I believe that when Donald J Trump assumes the office of President, that Design and Innovation like this will take center stage as they will solve huge problems for mankind.  This type of technology has the ability to make air transportation more safe, comfortable, and to take trucks off the highway, and even rocket us past China's high speed rail technology!

Adjacent to this use, we are designing a multimillion square foot, "Downtown" zone which will be a great Mixed Use project of the future, and be the new anchor project in Southern California.  Trump, as a Developer, knows that these kind of innovative Architecture projects are also the future for America.  Our country needs new Airports, that exceed those built in Asia and Europe, we need public space that inspire, and we need to reinvest in the physical America to uplift the environment for all, and keep America the destination for Tourism, and as the best example of the 1st World Architecture. 

Innovations like AerosCraft's Dragon Dream, will take America to a whole new paradigm of Design and Transportation.  This is a transformational innovation, which will beautify our environment, and contribute to a better, more luxurious lifestyle for the masses.  I encourage everyone to watch the History Channel Video as well as New Yorker Video regarding the project, which was also recently featured in a Gizmodo Article.  http://www.history.com/shows/rise-of-the-machines/season-1/episode-2   Company:  http://aeroscraft.com/  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/02/29/a-new-generation-of-airships-is-born

What is old is new again....

Anyway, I hope that we in the Design Community can support Donald, and also pass along the best of innovations, so that the new administration can quickly prioritize what transformative technology can be implemented to make America Great Again!!!

Best Regards,

Chris Coonan, Director, SMS Architects 4591343728_1149x521.jpg 
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