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Democrats Star Witness Has Selective Memory Lapses

After Wednesday's Sondland impeachment inquiry testimony, you wouldn't think it could get more comical, or dismal for the Democrats chances of winning their case with the American Public.

But you would be wrong!

Ambassador Sondland seemed to drop the big bombshell yesterday w/ his quid pro quo statement which he contradicted w/ his recounting of the Sept 9th phone call with POTUS. Sondland seem to have an extremely difficult time remembering anything of substance w/ 100% assurance. By the time the day was over, even CNN commentators were admitting "he's obviously not the best of witnesses" etc etc.

But alas, Shifty Schiff has his best witness up his sleeve scheduled for Thursday the 21st who claims to have over heard Sondland having a phone call at a restaurant where he claimed he could hear President Trump even though the phone wasn't even on speaker!

So, ok David Holmes counselor in Ukraine gives his opening statement. Claiming he hears Trump ask Sondland how the investigation is going. Then after the phone call ask's Sondland about the investigation POTUS mentioned, claiming Sondland responded that it was the Biden investigation.

Now, Shifty & his lawyer question Holmes & the other witness Hill, (I'll get into her in another post), for the first 45 minutes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who notices the facial expressions, and body language by the never Trumper witnesses, who obviously are very comfortable while being questioned by the Democrats, even having a smirk on their face as they comment about POTUS. Holmes is a prime example of this.

But then the tables turn dramatically when Minority Chair Devon Nunes & his Lawyer, and then later the Republicans each got their chance to question Holmes about this amazing phone call.

My personal favorite was when Rep Ratcliff got specific with Holmes about how the phone call began and other specifics immediately preceding and after the investigation "money shot" of the call. Holmes claims when Sondland answers the POTUS' question about the investigation with "He'll do anything you want sir, he loves your ass!" That POTUS responds, "Good, what about Sweden?".

Ratcliff obviously astonished says, What about Sweden? Seriously? Holmes starts stammering hammana hammana hammana, rustling through his notes etc. It was HILARIOUS! Holmes obviously wasn't prepared to answer details of that nature, as he obviously presumed his statements would be excepted at face value. His credibility was 0 from that point on.

I mean come on, who is going to believe that in a crowded restaurant, the Ambassador to the EU is going to have a conversation w/ the President Of The United States where by standers could listen in to the conversation on a cell phone that wasn't on speaker for crying out loud!

Who do these people think the American People are, Idiots?

I could go on and on, but just keep this important fact in mind when weighing the testimony of the impeachment inquiry as it proceeds. The democrats are running this entire hearing slanted w/ their best anti Trump witness's who obviously are pissed Trump isn't running foreign policy like their liberal leaders have done in the past. Plus their also pissed he has fired many of their liberal friends who were also anti Trump.

Just remember too, that many who have been fired, are the same ones who were working hand in hand w/ the dems during the 2016 election shenanigans. The IG report is imminent as is the recently announced criminal investigation, so the worm is about to turn in dramatic fashion.

Lady Justice is about the sing and dance as she crashes the party the democrats have been having lo these last several years since Donald Trump announced his candidacy.


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