Here I go writing something about politics.  Never imagined.  Despite all the eye rolling and possible barrages of comments and mostly being ignored, I am moved enough to express my thoughts about  comments made about Mr. Donald Trump.

Why, WHY are people bashing him?  Other than the obvious.  He can be rude, brash and obnoxious and he doesn't have any political experience.  SO WHAT?  Does that mean he doesn't make a good choice for President?  I am not saying the others DO NOT, who is to say he wouldn't be THE BEST choice for a President?  He clearly has leadership ability, and outside of Washington, I am sure he has "political experience".  He just can't be bullied or bought.

1) He makes jaw dropping statements about decision makers, people and situations.  When confronted with these statements, he either admits to them, with or without an apology, however explains his reason in making the statement; or he denies making the statement, will address it directly and state what he indeed DID say, with or without an apology.  There has not been ONE tape of him contradicting himself.  What you see is what you get.  Who knows what other candidates or those in office say when we aren't watching.  Look what Bill Clinton was doing behind our backs.  Behind Hillary's back.  In the White House and LIED about it.  I would choose rude and obnoxious over a liar and a cheater.  Just saying.

2) Our entire lives we are taught, it's beaten into us, that repeating actions we make that have a negative outcome will continue to have a negative outcome.  Losing weight, in personal relationships, business promotions, agreements, what ever it is.  If you keep doing things the same way, don't expect anything different to happen.  Same analogy here.  People continue to elect the same kind of candidate who makes the same promises and we continue to be disappointed.  I myself, voted for whoever my father said to vote for until well into my 30's.  Sad, but true.  Why WOULDN'T we elect for something different for a different outcome?  So WHAT if he was given money by his father as a child.  Look what he did with that money.  Did he blow it?  Become greedy and ruin peoples lives by sucking them into some scheme? What do most people who win the lottery end up doing in two years?  Actors.  Songwriters.  Performers.  Business men. Business Women.  They grab on to too much and can't hold on to anything.  So what is he being criticized for?   Would you want him for your boss?  Would you feel safe?  Do you believe he would be there to have your back when someone attacked your character or unethically sabotaged  a business arrangement?  Do you believe he would make sure you had all the tools you needed to be successful or leave you to fend for yourself amongst the wolves and shrug his shoulders when you failed?  Would you want to compete against him? I'll bet nobody goes off track for more than a minute under his command; or fails to get the proper training.  Is our country not our business as well?  I'll bet he would have answered his cell phone, made sure someone answered a call and took action when American agents, fighting for our country,  from an unknown facility in Libya called in fear of their lives.   I'm SURE he would have at least met them at the airport once arriving back in America.  If someone did NOT do their job; my bet is they would be sitting around a conference table discussing where and what went wrong, determine who was accountable and that person would be removed from their position.   Am I picking on the Clinton's?  I am not.  I just can't think of anyone else in the political world who has participated in such inappropriate behavior and NEVER had consequences.  Financially and every other way,  we are sinking.   Why wouldn't we try another life saving device as opposed to just grabbing on to a different color inner tube?

3)Deporting illegal immigrants.  My heart floats on this one.  I have many acquaintances and people I consider friends that are from other countries.  Are they illegal?  I don't know.  I've never asked.  They've never volunteered and it would just never be a part of our conversation.  What I am torn about, is, people saying "that isn't what our country is about".  Well neither is having people make a choice to jump from a 22nd story building holding hands with a co-worker in order to keep from burning to death from a horrific attack on our country.  I have asked myself and I ask you:  if your choice were to go back to your country, knowing conditions were not at all like they are for you here in America, go through the motions to come back to America legally OR  jump to your death, be tortured, have your spouse or child killed and so on, which would you choose?  What would anyone choose? We have grown up with the whole "one bad apple CAN spoil the whole bunch".  Someone at work uses the internet inappropriately, everyone loses privileges to use the internet.  Someone abuses the vacation policy, now no one can take advantage of the vacation policy.  Someone abuses the company car, now no one can have a company car.  Someone smokes on the playground, now no one can go to recess on the playground.  Why is no drinking and driving even a law?  Because some people just keep doing it and hurting other people, however, now there are consequences.  Why is no texting and driving even a law?  Seriously.  Because someone is driving down an interstate going 80 with semi's flying by and they decide they'll write a letter? Yes.  That's why it became a law.  Because some people keep doing it and hurting other people., however, now there are consequences.   Same analogy here.  We grieve for our country coming to a resolution like this that we have never thought was fair, and we grieve with each attack, bombing and horrific act that we suffer.  So what to do?  I know as well as everyone else there is crazy in America too.  This is only a part of it.  So, what is the answer?  I can't see the sense in anyone completely shutting down someone's idea, when they don't have a better one and will continue to accept things as they are.  I have no idea how in the world this would unfold but who am I to question Donald Trump.  He has a plan, no doubt.

  I believe Mr. Trump knows all there is to know about the other candidates; their strengths and their weaknesses.  He has to know that about all his business relationships and competitors.  He doesn't like to lose. Should he become our president, I hope he assigns each one of the deserving candidates to a position where their strengths and God given talents will be put to use.

 Mr. Trump may be somewhat of a "loose cannon".  Where I believe we, the people, are the targets of other shooting cannons.  He will have congress and others to tug on his leash,  his bark will equal  his bite and not many will want to walk the dog.  While many may not have a good relationship with Donald, I believe in this case his possible achievements may Trump them.