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If you listen to the media, Ted Cruz is going to walk away with the Iowa Caucus on February 1st.  Frankly, I do not believe it for one moment.  Mr. Trump will win by a significant margin.  I say this for two reasons:  first, most of the polls show Trump ahead of Cruz, not the other way around, and; second, there is no love lost between the press and Mr. Trump.  He is probably more despised by the press than Richard Nixon.  Because they cannot control him, they will go to any length to stop him, even lying to the public about his popularity.  By repetitively saying "Cruz is ahead, Cruz is ahead, Cruz is ahead,...," people will start to believe it.  In reality, this is simply not true.

The only way we'll know if my theory is correct is after February 1st.  If Mr. Trump wins Iowa by a comfortable margin, this will be a black eye for the media and another indicator why they shouldn't be trusted.  It will also tell us about what to expect in the other races, including the election in November.

Keep the Faith!

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