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Zac Hawkins

 Is Barrack Hussein Obama Christian Or Muslim? Login with facebook to vote votes

 Muslim 9 votes
 Christain 0 votes
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I Think It's Time To Ask Some Serious Questions About Obama

With all of the recent terrorist attacks by radical Islamic terrorists I think it's due time to question whether our "current" president Barrack Hussein Obama is really a Christian or really a Islamic Muslim sympathizer.
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A recent conversation on twitter inspired me to start this poll as well as conversation.

One only has to consider some of BHO's actions towards the Muslim religion as well as anything in the press relating to it to have cause to raise some red flags.

He's honored Muslims at the White House for special celebrations numerous times most recently was the brief case bomb kid who was arrested for bringing obviously suspicious case to school which did resemble a bomb.

Obama even invited the kid (a muslim), to the White House and then when it turned out the kid was not so much of a genius after all but actually didn't even make the clock in the brief case for his project but used an old outdated radio shack clock.

I could go on and on here, but I'll let you vote and post your comments.
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Don't get me wrong, I do know Muslims that are very nice people and are just normal American citizens.

What the problem is, there is a growing amount of radical Islamic Muslims who don't believe in American values, our constitution, and don't assimilate into our society.

What we have are some areas in the country where sharia law is being promoted and frankly a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists are taking advantage of our hospitality in general and our pro-muslim president in particular.

God help us if we don't wake up and our leaders don't put our security first and political correctness on the back burner when it comes to our safety.
That's All I Got To Say About That,
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Muslim - Radical too. 
Noriann Golden
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Kostantinos Skarmoutsos
The Birth certificate of Barac Ombama was bublished by hiw brother Malic, that saws that he born in Mobassa Africa and not in Hawai.
Now as Ombama is not president any more, hiw brother felt free to talk and sow that he was supported Our new President Trump, we all wish god to bless him as he is the only one who will save America and will help Greece very soon. Bellow is the what Malic bublished, God bless him that will make alot of amaricans to open their Eyes and see what Klinton's and Ombama Did.
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