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Hello fellow Trumpsters. A little background:

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. From 1982 until 2010 I lived near Knoxville, Tennessee.
In 2010 I moved to one of the most liberal, democratic, unseeing, unknowing states in the nation: New York.
I now live near Albany. Yes, there's conservatives here, and yes I vote!
This time I'm voting for Trump and saying no to HITLERY. No to Socialism, no to the current state of affairs and to the moron in the white house.

I am saying it's time to "make America great again." It's time to elect a person who knows how to run a business. No matter what you hear, America is a business.

Send the Demoncrats packing.

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Zac Hawkins
Welcome Parnelli,

Sorry for the delay in responding. Holiday internet issues etc. but back to normal now.

I know upstate New York has a lot of conservatives. Btw I'm not so sure the Donald might just take the whole state in a general. Would be a long night for the Dems huh?

Anyway, welcome aboard and feel free to post often and share via the buttons to the left when you do so your friends will find out about our forum.

This election is just getting ready to be exciting if you can imagine that!

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