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Zac Hawkins
Trump Palin Endorsement Helps Rubio Crushes Cruz!

OK here's the deal on Sara Palin endorsing Donald Trump for President today which of course is dominating the news.

How bad of a day was it for Ted Cruz? So sad, really the Rep Gov of IA actually put out a statement that Ted Cruz has to be stopped! IA is Ted's only chance to actually make some real noise so what's the deal?

The deal is the GOP hates Ted Cruz and has decided to approach Donald Trump with a Rubio VP proposition inside sources are leaking. Think about this for a minute and it makes perfect sense.

Donald Trump has brought politics to a different level by being in the headlines everyday as well as dictating much of it as he pleased. He frankly had too much star power, fame, credibility, fans, etc etc than the GOP could contend with.

So here's the deal as I see it right now. Sara Palin's endorsement has been planned for months. The Gop was notified and ask politely if the Donald would wait a bit before announcing.

Deal Was Struck

Trump agrees to highly consider Rubio as a VP if IA GOP Governor Slams Ted Cruz. You see Ted Cruz is a cancer within the Rep party. He's smart but is not someone who is diplomatic, works well with others, makes prudent well thought out decisions, (carpet bomb statement), is liked by his colleagues, etc.

So bottom line is I say Trump surges 5+ points Cruz Drops -5 and Rubio climbs maybe +5 or more, we shall see. Don't bet against me, I'm good at this $hit folks. Ok, comment below or just get the hell out of here.


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Rubio as a VP?
Noriann Golden
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Jessica Caswell
I just figured Trump took her endorsement to get under Cruz's skin as she had endorsed him for senator. Not entirely clear why it helped either of them given her speaking ability or rather lack thereof.
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