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Zac Hawkins

Orlando Was Terrorism Not A Hate Crime Proof

First of all let's up aside the fact that talking about this in a political sense is opportunism. Plain and simple anything of this magnitude is going to have ramifications nation wide as well as politically, particularly in an election season.

Second, of course our hearts go out to the victim's families, as well as those who are fighting for their lives in Orlando hospitals as I'm writing this article.

OK, let's get down to what really happened here. Isis already came out and took credit for this attack, which is unusual in and of itself. They usually are a bit more incognito sense they may have other operatives working in the area etc.

Which makes me believe this wasn't coordinated, but rather an operative who was taking broad directives from the Isis radicalization network which has stepped up it's propaganda lately during their current "cultist" ramadan season.

Trump Is Right These Pigs Need To Be Exterminated Off The Face Of The Earth!

What is so sad is Obama as well as Hillary are so far up the Islamic Terrorist's asses that they can't even give a coherent reply to their terrorist attacks anymore without revealing just how biased they are.

In Obama's case it's because he's a not just a muslim sympathizer but in reality an islamic believer down to his core. Who else would utter the words the prayer of islam is the most beautiful sound in the world? Come on folks the guys a muslim!

In Hillary's case it's a bit more complicated. She's not only beholden to Obama, since he hold's the keys to keeping her out of jail. But so do all the islamic states which have given her and not so slick anymore Bill.

Dare she say too much against radical islamic terrorism she'd be exposed for the criminal treasonist bi#ch we all know she really is.

I've got much more on this Orlando Terrorist Attack to share with you all, but I'll let some of you respond and comment after you do.

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