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Chris Coonan
Wow, Marco has sure blown a gasket with his verbal diaherra.  I can't imagine a small headed attack dog like him ascending to the Oval Office.  A pretty embarrassing attempt at attacking Donald.  Marco is the real con-artist, as a no-show Senator.  When you get a job in the private sector, you would be fired if you didn't show up for work....unless you work for the Soprano's.  Rubio talks about his hard working bartending father, but apparently it didn't rub off on him.  Early on I thought he may be a good possible candidate for Donald's administration, I can clearly see his political career coming to an end, and at such a young age, how unfortunate.
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It's getting pretty pathetic for #littlemarco now.

If he get's out before the Fl Primary I'm guessing it is to mend fences with the Donald.

Actually as a sign of bringing the party together Donald Trump actually said he's not out of consideration for VP but he's got to get out before FL.

Politics is cutthroat folks. Donald J. Trump is a street brawler from Queens for crying out loud!

That's why he is two steps ahead of these politicians....

Starting to understand what's going on here?

Trump will take them down and then mend some fences....then

Make America Great Again!


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