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I also have been blessed with 35 years of opportunity because of the great American vision from the past but our youth have been pushed out from the wave of illegal aliens now building all homes in the Hamptons..middle age talented tradesmen need don out here to show us we can turn it back..I work 80 hours a week to make clients aware that us remaining American builders are still the best. Please send us a few giant posters and I will raise on our cranes to show the oligarths of the Hamptons you can get us back...we call you ronald Trump out here... Ty Joe
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Zac Hawkins
I just tweeted your comments to @realdonaldtrump with hashtags #Trump #Gopdebate & #SCprimary hopefully it will get retweeted enough for someone in his campaign to see it. I've got some other contacts I'll get this to. Message me with contact info if you like...

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