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I hear the cries of the people, I feel Lady Liberty as she extends her hand to me
The Lady she needs help as she is all amuck and stuck in a very bad situation
She is in pain, she really needs help in standing strong, the way she used to be
I captured the highest office in the land, her healing has already begun.
The lady bleeds from a wound so very deep, I dedicate my life to her people and the Lady that needs to be healed
Through her wound, there is terrorism, death, and killing on our shores
She is not wealthy, any more, poverty runs rampant as she usually silently cries, alone unable to be healed
I hear her silence, I feel her years, she wants to be the way she was, the way she was before.
I am the next commander and chief, it is my duty as an American, to help the Lady stop the bleed
To bring back the respect, that she solely deserves
I hear her painful cries and this I must take heed
All her wounds, I must help her, from this I will never swerve
The Lady bleeds, releasing Isis, disrespect to our protectors,poverty, from her gushes all things that cause depression and dismay
The unknown of something, she is very sick and most of us are to blame
Taking her for granted, until now, her cries falling on deaf ears, I am proud to take her hand without delay
Helping her in any way I can, for her to have her greatness, I think for this all Americans are game.
Out of everyone in our country, seems the voices cried out directly to me
My conscience, I had to comply, I love the Lady and no longer want her to cry
I will stand with her, from her I will never flee
Being politically correct this is why the Lady( if we don't do something) the Lady will eventually die.
Soon I will be in charge, and we can all stand together to make the Lady great once more
On Lady Liberty, no more on her will garbage and fake news on her be dumped
Together hand in hand, we will face what lies in store
Hear the voices of the people as they remain leery of the future, but now no need to be afraid you elected me President Donald J. Trump.
 Lanaia Lee
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