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Donald Trump Gets One Endorsement After Another!

Wow! What a weekend huh?

Since Thursday's fiery debate the desperate junior Senators closest to Donald Trump in the republican primary race been swing with their eyes closed trying to hit something at all against the Front Runner DJT.

Just when they see something they might be able to hit and keep hitting Donald just rolls out another endorsement and even an  additional frequent question list for his many rallies.

First Gov. Chris Christie on Friday and now Senator Jeff Session from AL. who's state is voting this #SuperTuesday. Now let's see how twitter is responding to this.

And This.

But the one I really like is

Well, as you see I don't think any of this desperation by little Marco or untrusTed will dig them out of the hole they are both in now and after #SuperTuesday Share this one twitter and check out #SuperTuesday to share your tweets with us here. (use the embed and html top right or the chain/link method it's up to you [cool]

Capt. Zac


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Support Russia Insider as Trump does!![cool]

We fight for free media!
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