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Zac Hawkins

So What Is The Real Deal With Donald Trump All About?


Hey Americans,


Zac here, the "Paul Harvey" of internet marketing, wondering what you all think about the current phenomenon which of course is Donald Trump.


What we are looking at here is something of historic proportions, a political event that may very well change the economic landscape for not just decades, but generations to come!


First let me just say, I don't care which side you're on here, Dem, Rep, Ind, Lib, etc etc, the point is, how do you think this election is going to impact our lives, businesses, our country, the world, and our children's future, Right?

Obviously the last 7 1/2 yrs of Osama Ben Obama or what ever his real name is hasn't been productive. Sorry for the satire, but come on... Obama is not a Christian folks. He's a blatant Muslim in the closet, right?

I mean, there's nothing wrong with just sayin' "Hey America, I'm actually a Muslim but I didn't think you would elect me If I told you that out of the gate", right?

Here's Where It Gets Tricky


What's going on in Europe and the Middle East in respect to Radical Islamic Muslims is not just disturbing, it's not borderline epic but might actually be apocalyptic if current events continue.


So, you've got to ask yourself a very important question. Do think continuance of the current diplomatic agenda pursued by the Obama administration with former SOS @HillaryClinton or John Kerry is going to help midigate the threat of #Radical Islamic Terrorism? Make's it pretty hard to think so when they've actually been part of the problem we're in now as a nation, and globally.


Now, Enter Donald Trump.


Put aside your preconceived notions of how brash he is, or how far he pushes the politically correct narrative button, calling a crook a crook, etc etc. (I was tempted to say spade a spade, but thought you'alled think I was insensitive.. LOL)


So what Donald Trump has brought to the table is some common sense, right? Why do you think he's so accepted by the general public? Uh... McFly.... think!....it's because he's saying what we've all been thinking for years, if not decades!

Excuse my language, but he's not going to be a pussy like Obama and most of Washington has been for the last 7+ years.


Trump is going to change the game, no doubt about It


What scares liberals is they know he is actually going to undo all the BS they've propagated on the public through the main stream media, which has been their willing accomplice.


This is transparently evident to the general public which by and large isn't liberal, but more common sense in a general and flexible way. We get it out here across the country. Insiders in Washington, and in the Elite Press are struggling to come to grip with the reality that Donald Trump represents what the American People know needs done and know who they want to acheive imminent goals imperative to maintain our country and world as we know it.


Thoughts? I'm open, this conversation is far from over. But as I like to reiterate, Donald Trump is closing the deal, & this time he's doing it for America!


Capt. Zac

Capt Zac

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Sara Bae
I loved the post like anything!! Infact I'm a great fan of him. I completely agree with you!
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