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Zac Hawkins
Establishment Hack Cheri Jacobus Reveals GOP Plan To Destroy
Trump Campaign!

After a full day of arguing with radio talk show host Wayne Dupree over insinuating there is a significant group of Donald Trump supporters who are white supremacists. Cheri Jacobus goes completely unglued and starts retweeting every few seconds all day long of people supporting her or Trump in an attempt to bring attention to her talking points.

Here's an example from her twitter page:


Words matter folks particularly when we are talking sensitive issues that effect people's lives in today's world. First let me give you a little background on Cheri Jacobus.

From her twitter profile:
GOP consultant, TV pundit, wrote for The Hill, The Guardian. Ran campaigns, worked on Capitol Hill, RNC, adjunct professor GWU Grad School of Political Mgmt

As you can see, she is a longtime GOP establishment operative who FYI is friends and rubs elbows with the likes of slimballs like Rick Wilson the gop hack who has asked Ann Coulter on twitter how much Donald Trump pays her for Anal as well as said gop needs to put a bullet in Trump's head just to name a few disgusting comments.

Now, obviously Jacobus and Wilson take orders from the establishment donor class who run the republican party and are completely all in to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

They Set Up The Lie

What's going on today 11/22/15 is they are trying to get some traction on the reporter who falsified his report stating Donald Trump wants all American Muslims to be registered in a data base. And the main stream media ran with this preposterous story!

The facts have recently trickled out that Trump was busy signing autographs at a loud rally and specifically said we need to stop illegal immigration and build a wall when the reporter asked if that's something you would do in your administration. Which Donald stated "Absolutely". 

Then asked about data bases Trump states we need lots of systems and good management obviously referring to refugees and other immigrants such as work programs etc.

They Spread Their Lie 

Then the corrupt main stream media ran with this story as if Trump stated we need a data base for all Muslims in the USA as well as possibly shut down some Mosques! Lies and distortion plain and simple folks. How stupid do these people think we are?

You see, they think that if they can just persuade 5% or pick a # that they have accomplished their mission. So back to Cheri Jacobus gop political hack.

She Carries Out Her Mission From The GOP

Obviously she is running with her marching orders from the gop to paint Trump and his supporters as white supremacist similar to Nazi Germany since that is what Hitler did when he registered all Jews.

How pathetic and disgusting are these establisment pundits who will go to any length to preserve their strangle hold on power and money they have controlled low these many years.

Rick Wilson her friend and who knows what else commented on her tweets today so we will show you them and some of his other popular tweets.



As you can see, Rick Wilson is a scumbag. Check out just how determined these establishment hacks will go to keep their power, money and control.


Ok folks, obviously these GOP operatives are doing what they are told. I know it's disgusting but don't let it change your faith in the American People being much smarter than they think we are.

What you can do right now is share this article just by clicking the twitter, facebook and other social media buttons to your left. We simply can't let these scumbags take us down the same road Obama has with their help for any longer.

Please post your comments as this helps to spread the word as well.

If you really love the USA and see what's happening it is simple to help. Just speak out here and share your voice via the social media buttons.

For this article when tweeting I suggest putting @CheriJacobus in the tweet and a short nasty note to her as well [mad] [nono][nono][nono]

My Trump Club

P.S. Shame On You Cheri Jacobus

P.P.S. Follow Me & Wayne Dupree On Twitter Here:
Zac Hawkins

Wayne Dupree
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This gal is off her rocker. LOL I've seen some nutcases, but that's ridiculous.

I went to her twitter page and she's obsessed with bashing Trump! And this is supposed to be a republican? What's she going to do support Hillary when Mr. Trump wins the GOP nomination?

I just don't get these people. Here's what I saw on here twitter page. She is likely on an ego trip too, since she acts like its a compliment that you posted this "hit" piece on her. LOL Needs some attention evidently:

What scares me about people like her is how far will they go to keep their power and control on the republican party?

And what's up with her friend and republican pundit Rick Wilson? He seems like a real creep. Where do these people come from and why are they paid by our political leaders?

It's really scary to see people like this try to manipulate us and make us believe their lies.

Thanks Zac for exposing them. I'll share on twitter facebook and instagram for sure.
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This would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

I see the twitter comments are going wild now after what how many hours?

This Jacobus gal is just plain nuts. Evidently she is on her last leg as far as getting paid from the political establishment and willing to do anything to stay in their circle.

Why in the world would a republican pundit attack another republican particularly a radio show host, forget that he's a black conservative, I just don't get it.

Do they hate Donald Trump that much or are they scared of him that much as in taking away their power and putting America back on the right track?

I think I just answered my own question.

Let's see how this plays out.
Be cool,
That's All I Got To Say About That,
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Well Well,

After reading this I went to my twitter account and checked out some things.

Do you know this is a coordinated attack? A friend sent me a graphic with this gal Jacobus


Why are these people willing to let us go down the tubes just to keep there hold on power and money?

Don't they care? It's really disturbing. But I really do think there are a lot more people who believe in American Exceptionalism and what Donald Trump is saying.

That's probably what scares them.

Liken Me Some Trump! About time we got someone who can run things right!
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Cheri Jacobus Just Blocked Me On Twitter!

Well at least that is progress right?

She's going wild on twitter now attacking Wayne Dupree a conservative talk radio show host.

Updates coming soon.

Stay tuned.



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