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Hello everybody, I come from Finland, where I'm not right now but that's and other thing. I liked to join "Donald Trump For President" group on Linkedin and got some email from there where they told me I'll be approved soon if .. understand.

Even as said, I'm a Finn, but I am very Pro Trump and really hope he will be the next President of the USA, as I'm sure if will soon effect to whole world and my home country too, in positive manner. Our leaders have get crazy, same way like Merkel in Germany. They seems to feel that our country is some kind of 'World Social Service', where who ever can come in, without passport or any document, stay and get all and everything for free .. paid by us as Finnish taxpayers. It can not continue this way PERIOD

So, when new president Trump start to tighten borders and mostly for incoming muslims and other illegals, our stupido leaders can not do else but follow he's, the President of The United States footsteps, and that will save us from more insane politics.

I have been watching every single video of Republicans Primary, and everything else I have found regarding this huge rally. I'm very confident that you there will do the only right thing and vote Trump to The White House. I see it the only option for America and to the whole world to fix our worldwide problems with terrorism, refugees and so many other things.

Have a great time and our thoughts are with you from all over the world,

ps. never studied English, so 'may be' some mistakes in my text [smile]

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Zac Hawkins
Welcome and Great Post!

I retweeted your post so if you came here from that say HI 2 Randone

Real busy right now, but wanted to say Hi and tell us more!
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