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This message is about my horror at what is occurring in the US.  I Request that you send this message to ALL your Congressional representatives, Both Senate & House of Representatives.  

"As my representatives I plead with you to maximize the effort of EVERYONE IN the US SENATE & the House Of Representatives to Do all the Following:

1) Remove Government members involved in conspiracies and committing Treason & Sedition; they need to be removed

2) If they can not be removed immediately (in The State Dept) have Rex Tillerson Immediately relocate them to a distant location like Alaska until the can be removed

3) Do the same for other departments as needed

4) To Halt the Delay in enacting appropriate Legislation change the Senate rules so that there is a  time Limit on debates such as 8 hours for Republicans, 8 Hours for Democrats & 1 Hour for Independent (Since there are so few)

This will be sent to all my representatives & I will ask all my friends & Relatives in many states to do the same repeatedly, as I will do.

Have President Trump IGNORE all Distractions until All major Legislative efforts have been enacted.  Too much time is being wasted with these distractions."

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Courtney H. Williams
We have this problem, we are disable to promove changes to Lord´s trone. Also...today i have the confirm to love of God to us, and your´s providencias for a miracle, praying the salmos 9 to 14 with fervor. The world is seeing Mr. Trump whith good eyes. 
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