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Zac Hawkins

By Gary Forbes. I'm guessing that many of you will find today's story to be quite shocking. But after studying obama, his corrupt ways, his twisted ideology, his lack of morality, his hatred of America's Judeo-Christian principles—the revelation by this honorable and elite General is actually quite consistent with obama's pattern and in-line with his ultimate objective to become America's dictator, convert us into an Islamic state, and to create a 'new world order' where we lose our independence and become controlled by the United Nations. This is a plan that has been orchestrated by George Soros for years and is being executed by our own president.

Perhaps what's more alarming, is that he's very close to accomplishing itand his aggressive promoting of the accepting of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees puts him yet another step closer to achieving his ultimate objectives. For those who are nervous, we all are. Just minutes ago Donald tweeted this...

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump
Refugees from Syria are now pouring into our great country. Who knows who they are - some could be ISIS. Is our president insane?

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