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Zac Hawkins
Hillary Sends Huma After TP Delays Debate

Ok, with out getting too graphic, let's get to the "Bottom" of this developing war between Donald J. Trump and Bill Clinton's WINO (Wife In Name Only)  Hillary Rodham stemming from her delay of the debate the other night during her extended restroom excursion.

Side Bar: BTW I might have just created an acronym which sounds alcohol related but not particularly depended upon it [cool]

So this all started as most of you know when they came back from a commercial and Hillary wasn't on the stage. After several minutes, she finally shows up and says "Sorry".

So What Took So Long?

Cnn, MSNBC, and the usual liberal media hacks tries to play it down, but then needs to make some money off this blunder by putting out the reason Hillary was late.

First "leak" was that Miss Queen Hillary wouldn't go into the restroom since there was another person using it. Huma, (her assistant) was guarding the door but let an old "female friend" of Hillary's in who may or may not have been wanting to spend some time with her in the restroom privately for reasons we would go into in this article.

Second leak not only did her old BFF waste her time, but Huma actually had to go get her special tissue and I'm guessing here but it's not Charmin Extra Soft.

Hillary Steps In It

Now she needs to make up for this blunder so she goes all out making up a total fabrication about Donald Trump.

Now we do know that Hillary doesn't even know how to use a FAX machine and obviously doesn't have a real grasp of email and how that works right?

Her exclamation that ISIS is using Donald Trump videos as recruitment tools online proved to be a total lie even liberal media like CNN call her out on.

Donald Trump Plays It Brilliantly!

This couldn't have been better scripted! She calls out Donald Trump for being a recruitment tool for ISIS but Donald Turns the tables on her.

  • First He calls her bluff because she obviously lied
  • Second made fun of her being late after debate break
  • Third Emphasizes her delay was disgusting
  • Forth insinuates she is weak
  • Fifth Brings Sex Into The EQuation! ala Bill

Trump Vs Hillary
Here's the dirty little secret my friends, Hillary is scared to death of running against the Trumpster. Don't doubt me on this. My friend Rush Limbaugh agrees with me.

He's got so much dirt on both of the Clintons it will make your head spin!

Another little secret is:

Polls showing Hillary beating Trump and getting beat by other Repubs is a scam by the Establishment voting for Bill Clinton's WINO (Wife In Name Only) Hillary Rodham.

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