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Zac Hawkins

By Gary Forbes. For the past few months, as I've dug deeper and deeper into my research of obama, I have been absolutely stunned about what I've found and continue to learn. So much so that I was considering writing my own article to expose the shocking details of my research. But almost miraculously, we received a lead from one of our Devotees—which clearly deline- ated most of my findings. And this message was delivered by a retired 4-Star Admiral.

We've seen a few messages from skeptics challenging the credibility of a few of these highly decorated Generals, but they're all saying the same thing. Can they all be wrong? I think not.

Of all the slides we've produced on our military leaders who are bravely speaking up against obama, this is truly the scariest, and most alarming. - gf

Could this be why obama wants to let as many as 250,000 Syrian refugees into our country before the election next year which very likely could include 1000s of radical islamic terrorists?

Think about it for a minute. These are not nutcases warning us, these are some of the most highly regarded military officials in our country!

If obama had the excuse to declare Martial Law due to wide spread terrorism in our country he could postpone or delay the election indefinitely.

This is NOT your run of the meal conspiracy theory. I'm going to stay all over this and share more info as it becomes available.

Anyone with more information please post it here.

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