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I am a former USMC Officer (Major) with honorable discharge from active service and a Bronze Star recipient.  I now work in Oil & Gas Industry.  I would categorized myself as a "Constitutional Republican" with an independent mind.  I fully support Donald Trump's run for President.

I would like to see Donald start talking about his "1st 100 days in office".

He has extensive experience as a "Senior-level Business Executive" and I believe he could use that to his advantage.  Decisive and deliberate action is required and will be required by all of us..

One of his strengths is going to be selection of "appointed positions", thereby surrounding himself with highly talented, performance oriented professionals.  These people will be challenged to identify problem areas and make informed recommendations to the President (Donald Trump).  If the appointee fails to accomplish desired objectives then they will be FIRED.  It is time to take out the trash and pull some weeds in DC.

In contrast, Hilary will follow the old script of appointments based on "favors" owed to her financial contributors.  Pay-to-play Politics as usual.

I also believe that he should put out a "Call to Action" to Corporate Leadership in America.  He should task them to develop their own "100 Day Plan" designed to look at how they can participate in America's Economic Reconstruction efforts.  Living in American and benefiting from all of its freedoms comes at a price.  That price is taking responsibility.  All of Us are "Responsible" for preserving those freedoms.  This is not a spectator sport.  If we want change than it has to be more than just one man that takes responsibility.  Corporate leadership should demonstrate that they are part of the solution.  Mr. Trump could then recognize the successes achieved by true American Corporations and condemn the lack of effort by those that are selling out and contributing to our problems.  This highly publicized activity has never been done before!!!  Mr. Trump is highly qualified to do this.
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